I was so excited to hear that I was quoted in a recent article on retirement planning advice for Millennials! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Contrary to popular perception, #Millennials are saving a significant portion of their earnings —only not for #Retirement like the generations before them. In a recent report released by Merrill Edge, the majority of millennials would rather spend their earnings on travel (81 percent), dining (65 percent) and fitness (55 percent) instead of future financial stability like retirement.

In light of saving for their desired lifestyle, a retirement survey conducted by Transamerica revealed that millennials are aware that they need to save for retirement, and they can do more to improve their retirement mindset by learning more about retirement investment products.

Seventy-two percent of those surveyed concur that they are not as knowledgeable about retirement investing as they should be. Financial experts agree fervently with this statistic and have agreed to weigh in, providing practical tips that can take millennial retirement plans to the next level while putting them on the right path to securing a more financially-secure future.

Earn the right to invest

Many financial planners suggest that it is vital to start investing in a retirement product now —as in yesterday!

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