This is a topic near and dear to my heart for sure. Thanks to U.S. News for the opportunity to spread the word that financial advice should be for everyone, not just those with millions to their name!


Getting Financial Advice When You Have Less Than $100,000 to Invest

Index funds and low-cost brokerages have made do-it-yourself investing easier than ever, but finding a financial advisor remains daunting, especially for young middle-class families with little money to invest. Many advisors only accept clients with investable assets of $100,000 to a half million, but there’s hope for would-be clients with less than $100,000 to invest.

Even clients with modest investing accounts can benefit from an advisor’s expertise, says Michelle Waymire, an Atlanta-based financial advisor at Young + Scrappy, which works primarily with new investors. “The earlier you are in the process, the higher level of investing return you’ll see.”

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