Y’all. Listen up, because have I got some news for you: I was in the March edition of Glamour.

Like, the magazine. The. Glamour. Magazine. The one that sits in hair salons and dentists offices across the country. Natalie Portman was on the back cover. I was in the same magazine as Natalie Portman.

This one right here, y’all. TOTAL MONEY CONFIDENCE.

Anyways, this is normally where I’d link you to where you can read it online, but I can’t this time because it’s in PRINT. Instead, I’m including a picture of my unmanicured, unglamorous finger pointing to my segment in the magazine, as proof of this joyous occasion.

Glamour does not require a headshot to be in the magazine, thank goodness.

For those of you who don’t have 20/20 vision and a magnifying glass, here’s what it says:

If You Need to Raise Your Credit Score

“One of the quickest, safest ways to boost credit is to open a secured credit card,” says Michelle Waymire, a financial adviser at Young + Scrappy in Decatur, GA. Available at most banks, a secured credit card requires a cash deposit (usually about $500) that serves at the credit line for your accounts. Connect the card to an automatic subscription payment like Netflix, Waymire suggests, “then leave it in a drawer so you’re not tempted to use it, and pay it off on time so you establish good credit.” Keep on top of other cards ruthlessly, and monitor your credit score on creditkarma.com. WIthin two or three years of responsible use and good financial practices, someone like Chasity should be able to raise her score by 150 points,” says Waymire.

So there you have it folks. It seems that my mission to prove that financial literacy is glamorous and sexy is finally making headway 😉

Now excuse me while I go celebrate with a hefty glass of champagne.


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