Welcome, friends, to the fourth and final installment of the Young + Scrappy September 2018 Money Mindset Month! Can you believe how far we’ve come in just a few weeks? We’ve worked hard to get our thoughts right about money, making sure we are mentally ready to receive abundance by cleaning up our negative financial thought patterns. In addition, we’ve now spent a good bit of time brainstorming our richest lives, including all the positive things that having money will bring ourselves, our loved ones, and the communities in which we live.

Money is good stuff, y’all.

To bring it home, this week we’re taking those good money mindsets and turning them into something ACTIONABLE—because as much as positive thoughts can help us build the lives of our dreams, those thoughts are nothing without action.

Making More Money

I’ve blogged a lot over the past year about how to get your financial s*** together. I’ve talked goal setting, budgeting,how to raise your credit score, and even given y’all a checklist for big financial priorities.

Today, I want to focus on a brand new topic to the Young + Scrappy blog: INCOME. For all my teachings about how to manage the money you have, I’ve actually done very little writing on how to bring in more money. Time for that to change, though—because while making more money won’t solve all your problems, it sure can’t hurt either.

As such, I’m excited to share with you a fun little flowchart I wrote up on ways to make more money. Start at the green “START HERE” box, and then answer the questions until you get to one of the gold boxes.

Got your results? Good. Now, read onward to find out how to get started with each option!

Start Your Own Business!

As an entrepreneur, I personally love this route 😉 But it’s not for everyone. With the increased freedom often comes the stress of creating your own products and services, as well as the challenge of maintaining the discipline to follow through when things get hard (which, they will be, especially at first). However, if the corporate world just really isn’t for you, it might be time to change that.

If you decide to go into business for yourself, brainstorm ideas of how you can bring value to the world—what skills can you share? What underserved markets need your expertise? What problems can you solve? Then, do your numbers. While a whole business plan can be daunting, there are plenty of great resources out there to narrow down your ideas and bring your favorite one to life. In particular, I like this great article from Entrepreneur on how to get started.

Not sure at all how to get started? This article from Shopify lays out seven low-investment business ideas you can start online!

You might also benefit from some support as you launch, either from a small business coach (hi!) or by searching for a local entrepreneur or innovation center. Either way, good luck, and welcome to the hustle!

Ramp Up the Search for Your Dream Job!

Whether you’re unemployed and looking for a job, or you simply hate your current role, there are plenty of reasons to ramp up the search for your dream job. Start by making a list of everything this dream job should have, including the qualifications or skills you want to use, the type of people you want to work with, the company culture you’re looking for, and the salary and benefits you hope to earn. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to filter out all the other bulls**t out there—and the easier it will be to tell the world exactly what you’re looking for. On that note, spread the word however you can that you’re looking for something new. Tell everyone you know, send out your resume, ask for advice and leads from folks in the industry, even build a kickin’ LinkedIn profile and connect with a recruiter. That dream job is out there, just waiting to hire someone awesome like you, so chase that business down, you hear? That said, also stay open minded—if you’re looking to do a full career 180, you might also think about ways to break into the industry through a stepping-stone type job to get you started.

Get on that Industry Research!

If you love your industry but hate your current job, it’s definitely worth doing some industry research to find something more suited to your skills and interests. Are people making more money doing something tangentially related to your work? Is there a way to segue the job you hate into a career you love? Reach out to as many people in your industry as possible, ask to pick their brains, and see where your research takes you. Who knows, the connections you make along the way could be just the thing to pivot you into that new role!

Ask for a Raise!

If you’ve been working at the same place for a while without getting any pay increase, it may be time to ask for a raise. To start, make a list of all the reasons you deserve a raise, including what contributions you’ve made to your team or the company as a whole, and what work you do that is essential to the operation of the organization. Note that this list can include all kinds of work—from directly increasing company revenue, to keeping your customers happy, to ensuring that your team is well managed, or contributing cool new ideas. Then, figure out what amount of money you believe all these extra additions to the team are worth, put on your most confident face/clothes/everything, and make the ask. The worst they can say is no—keeping in mind that if you’re really underpaid and undervalued, it might be time to seek alternative offers with someone who will give you the money you’re worth.

Consider a Side Hustle!

If you are in love with your job, but can’t ask for a raise or internal promotion, it might be time to start bringing for some supplemental income. The best side hustles will both bring in the extra bucks, AND appeal to your passions. For instance, there might be something lucrative that also scratches an itch or appeals to an interest that you’re not getting to explore your current role. For an awesome resource on getting your side hustle off the ground, I can’t say enough good things about the folks at Side Hustle Nation. From providing lists of supplementary income ideas, to giving you the tools you need to follow through, their website is definitely worth a visit.

Seek out Internal Promotion Options!

If you love your job but feel like you’ve maxed at your salary at your current role, it might be worth looking into internal promotions. Chances are, there are other opportunities at your workplace that come with a better salary and/or benefits—but keeping the same company culture that you love. If so, start to ask around. Ask your department head, boss, supervisor, anyone who can give you the low down on the other jobs. See what additional skills or qualifications are required and ask whether there are any projects they can give you to move you in that direction. This may not be an option if you don’t work someplace that promotes from within, but if they do, start aggressively pursuing those opportunities.

Final Thoughts on Prosperity

Along your road to abundance, whatever that looks like for you, be sure to keep that money mindset work going. It’s all too easy to sink down into negative thought patterns, but I can promise you: the who-would-even-hire-me and I-should-just-settle thoughts SEEM logical, but they’re really not.

You are a person who is deserving of money. You are allowed to appreciate the abundance it brings you and your loved ones. Your work has value, and it is right to be compensated for it.

If you haven’t yet joined my online community over at the Young + Scrappy Facebook group, we’ll be wrapping up September with some more daily Money Mindset Month challenges, peer support, and group accountability. Join us, and let us celebrate your healthy money mindsets and subsequent career progress with you!

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