At this point, I’ve done a good handful of videos and podcasts, but there’s something surreal and slightly intimidating about getting an episode on a digital TV show all to yourself!

The Lighter Side Network is run by my dear friend Jamie Butler, who is a psychic medium and all around awesome gal. If you’re at all interested in the spiritual arts, you’ll love this collection of uplifting, educational and healing programming that covers life’s hard-hitting issues. Their weekly shows support wholeness living with thought-provoking episodes, guest interviews, how-to’s and channelings.

I was so honored to be one of the first episodes in their new Insights series, which features experts talking about the topics they love. Obviously, mine is about personal finance–and getting right with your money mindset in particular!

Here’s a little teaser from my recent episode:


The whole episode is available on their website here. Simply make a free username and login to view this, along with all their other awesome content! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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