I was super pumped to contribute to this recent piece from the ATL Biz Journals, where I got to join other local advisors in sharing retirement tips for Millennials. If you’ll permit me the self-serving luxury, here’s my favorite part:

Waymire said she works with a lot of millennial LBGTQ+ individuals and families. While the basics of retirement planning remain the same, she said advising those clients requires “openness and encouragement so that they can talk freely about their lifestyle in front of someone.”

Gay or straight, single or married, Waymire’s female clients of all ages are often strapped by a wage gap, she explained. Consequently, they have to allocate a higher percentage of their income to savings to insure the same quality of life in retirement as their male peers.

Click here to read the full article on the ATL Biz Journals website.

Hope you enjoy!

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