Join us for one of our Educational Events or Webinars!

Join me for a fun, interactive money talk at the BullCon 2018 conference in Palm Springs, CA!

Does money terrify you? Do you worry that if you had money, you’d only misspend it or squander it? Are you an entrepreneur with imposter syndrome? Then you’ll love this informal discussion on money mindsets! Join us at the at the BullCon 2018 conference for margaritas and a discussion of how your thinking can influence your financial situation.

Join me for a flash talk at Atlanta’s Pecha Kucha: Doom and Gloom edition!

We as humans tend to be terrified about our finances, leading us to make bad decisions and put off getting organized. I want to offer reasons behind that fear, as well as ways of overcoming it–in only 20 power point slides, with 20 seconds apiece!

Join me for a workshop at the largest professional game development conference in the South.

When artists and entrepreneurs follow their passion, they often find themselves unprepared to handle the financial side of their new career. This workshop will help fill that education gap. Participants will work on creating S.M.A.R.T. financial goals, build a budget that’s consistent with the way humans actually spend money, and learn tips and tricks to automating their finances.

Join me for a hands-on workshop on managing your money mindsets and building a budget to match.

The Lola’s Collaborative Werk series is a weekly session to connect with like-minded women, learn ways to better tackle your career goals and, work on your professional self. My talk will focus on discovering your money mindset, letting go of negative thinking, and building a budget that actually reflects your values. Hope to see you there!

Join me for my 60-minute keynote at the LumiSummit in Atlanta, GA!

The LumiSummit is a conference designed especially for spiritual based businesses: healers, yogis, mediums, and more. But as much as you have passion for your craft, many such entrepreneurs find the financial side terrifying. In this session, I’ll show you how to embrace abundance in your business and in your personal life–without sacrificing your values. Don’t forget to use the coupon code LumiScrappy to get $75 off your entry fee!

Join me for a 15-minute flash coaching session at the Love and Light Institute’s Healing Night!

For many, organizing your finances is a critical—and extremely difficult—form of self-care. Others may require a more intentional focus on healing past trauma associated with money, moving from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, or giving yourself permission to be financially successful. As a financial coach, I am happy to focus on whatever financial issues are troubling you most, though I have particular expertise in budgeting, money mindsets, debt, and small business cash management.
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