Corporate Financial Wellness Programs

Reduce your employees’ financial stress–and save your company money in the process!

Your employees are your greatest resource–so it’s important to maintain a satisfied and productive workforce. But did you know that financial hardship at home often shows up in the office as well? Employees who are distracted by financial stress may be less productive, more likely to unexpectedly miss work, more likely to cause workplace accidents, and experience higher employee turnover.


of full-time employees have financial stress.


of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.


of financially stressed employees deal with their financial issues while on the clock.


spend 2-3 hours per week at work thinking about or dealing with their finances.


Financial stress costs employers an estimated $5,000, per employee, per year.

At Young + Scrappy, we offer a solution.

From one-time programs designed to provide basic financial education to your employees and measure the impacts of financial stress, to comprehensive financial literacy programs, we provide actionable, hands-on education that ACTUALLY helps you employees tackle the day-to-day issues that cause financial stress.

Our corporate financial wellness programs can help you:

Reduce expensive absenteeism, workplace accidents, and employee turnover.

Increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

Improve employee morale and company culture.

Empower your employees to take advantage of other employer-benefits.

Provide a unique HR benefit beyond the typical wellness offerings.

Attract a younger workforce, who are hungry for financial literacy education.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make a difference in the lives of your employees while improving your own bottom line!

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