Who We Are

My clients are a highly diverse group of folks with one thing in common: they are young and scrappy! But what does this mean?



We are YOUNG!


 Young means we:

  • Approach the world with curiosity and a hunger for knowledge
  • Are fresh and full of energy
  • Maintain an optimistic excitement about the future
  • Young is a mindset, not an age.



Scrappy means we:

  • Are ass kickers and name takers who aren’t afraid of hard work
  • Look for new and creative solutions to solve problems
  • Take control of our present situations and plan for the future

If this sounds like you, we’re going to get along swimmingly.

We young, scrappy individuals know the following to be overwhelmingly true:

  1. We live in a society that encourages debt, bad spending habits, and inequality, so we work on our own finances in order to fight for a better system and give back to those in need.
  2. We aren’t afraid to tackle the big adult things, like getting a goddamn budget, because we know it’s worth the hard work to gain independence and financial freedom.
  3. We value financial freedom because it lets us do more of what we love, as well as help the people we love.
  4. We aren’t afraid to talk about money, because we learn more when we can share our experiences and ideas together.
  5. We know that we make subpar decisions despite our best efforts, so we work to hack our money brains and put systems in place that make it easier to succeed.

If this resonates with you, what are you waiting for? Join our movement.


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