Young + Scrappy Financial Coaching

Chances are, you have financial goals you’re trying to achieve–whether those are quantitative savings goals, or qualitative goals like becoming more organized. The issue is, many of us have no idea where to start.

That’s where Young + Scrappy Financial Coaching comes in! Much like a personal trainer, the job of a financial coach is not just to help you set goals, but to provide regular education, accountability, and mentorship to help you actually achieve them.

Tackling your financial health can be a difficult, long-term process, but a financial coach can help make that road much easier. I can help you:

Build healthy money mindsets that support your self-worth and earning potential.

Leverage your personal budgetary needs in order to set sustainable savings goals.

Give you a roadmap for paying down credit cards, student loans, and other debt.

Establish common sense systems to help you manage your money without getting overwhelmed.

Help you get your small business finances in order, as needed.

Recommend trustworthy bookkeepers, CPAs, and lawyers to build a team of financial experts.

What You Get:

Young + Scrappy Financial Coaching includes:

  • 2 hour-long phone, video chat, or in-person meetings per month, with easy online scheduling.
  • A structured roadmap to help you prioritize your financial goals and systematically tackle them
  • Support to keep you accountable along the way.
  • Unlimited email support from a bonafide money nerd, in case you have questions or need assistance in between sessions (hello! that’s me!)
  • Handy email alerts and reminders about actions you’ve committed to taking, in order to help you stay on track.

***Note: Pricing is reduced to $299/month if you complete six months of our coaching program!

Pumped and ready to get started? Use the PayPal box below to book your monthly coaching service, and we will send you the homework you need to complete before our first session!

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