Financial Coaching: A Personal Trainer For Your Finances

Much like a personal trainer, the job of a financial coach is not just to help you set goals, but to provide regular education, accountability, and mentorship to help you actually achieve them.

Financial health can be a difficult, long-term process, but a financial coach can help make that road much easier!

If any of the following sounds familiar, our financial coaching program might be right for you:

“I sure wish someone had taught me about money when I was growing up.”

“I know that I have a problem with spending but am ready to change that.”

“I’ve got all this student debt and credit card debt and no idea how to handle it.”

“I’ve tried budgeting in the past, but need more accountability to really change my habits.”

“I’m ready to finally have a healthy relationship with money.”

“I have a steady career, but I have no idea where all my money goes every month.”

What You Get:

Sometimes having a financial plan isn’t enough—you need accountability. If you want company on your road to financial wellness, our financial coaching can help. This includes:


  • 2 hour-long phone, video chat, or in-person meetings per month, with easy online scheduling.
  • A structured roadmap to help you prioritize your financial goals and systematically tackle them
  • Support to keep you accountable along the way.
  • Unlimited email support from a bonafide money nerd, in case you have questions or need assistance in between sessions (hello! that’s me!)
  • Handy email alerts and reminders about actions you’ve committed to taking, in order to help you stay on track.

***Note: Pricing is reduced to $299/month if you complete six months of our coaching program!

Interested in learning more? Pumped and ready to get started? Use the handy scheduler below to book your free 15 minute consultation call!

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