Young + Scrappy Investment Management

Investment Management involves the analysis, selection, and ongoing monitoring of one or more investment portfolios.

At Young + Scrappy, we strive to provide diversified portfolios of low-fee, passively managed ETFs that are consistent with your goals and risk tolerance.

If any of the following sounds familiar, investment management services might be right for you:

“I need to invest my money, but I have no idea where to start.”

“I am overwhelmed by the total universe of investment options out there.”

“I’m not sure whether my current investments are even working or aligned with my goals.”

“I want to make sure that my portfolio is actually changing as my goals and needs change.”

“I would like someone to help me make sense of my portfolio performance.”

“The markets make me nervous, so I need someone I can trust to guide me through the process.”

What You Get:

Whether you’re new to investing, or have an existing portfolio, our Investment Management services can help. This includes:


  • Easy, digital onboarding that reduces paperwork and streamlines account opening process
  • An in-depth survey of your goals, risk tolerance, and comfort level with the markets
  • A diversified, low-fee investment portfolio of ETFs tailored to your specific needs, with ongoing rebalancing of your investment allocations
  • Access to a convenient online portal to track your portfolio’s holdings and performance
  • Exclusive educational webinars and other content to help you improve other aspects of your financial life
  • Annual video conference or in-person meetings to discuss your portfolio performance

At Young + Scrappy, we believe that investment management shouldn’t just be available for those with lots to invest. That’s why our fees are low, consistent, and paid directly from your investment account.

Example: If you have $10,000 invested with us, your annual fee will be $75, billed directly from your account.

Interested in learning more? Pumped and ready to get started? Use the handy scheduler below to book your free 15 minute consultation call!

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