The Young + Scrappy Student Debt Action Plan

The Y+S Student Debt Action Plan is a comprehensive evaluation of your student debt repayment options.

We’ll analyze which repayment plans align with your goals, how your payments will change over time, how to plan for the tax considerations associated with loan forgiveness, and the opportunity costs associated with choosing a certain repayment plan.

If any of the following sounds familiar, the Y+S Student Debt Action Plan might be right for you:

I have a mountain of debt from graduate school and no idea how to pay it off.

I make good money, but my debt still seems to eat up all my budget.

I’m not sure how to balance my student loans with my other financial goals.

I am leaning towards student loan forgiveness, but want a second opinion.

I am unsure if loan consolidation or refinancing is right for me.

I want to know more about how my money could grow if it doesn’t go towards debt.

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