Let’s face it: money is a struggle. When it comes to making good financial decisions, we struggle with lack of education, emotional barriers such as guilt and shame, and lack of motivation.

As a result, it’s hard to make good financial decisions on a day-to-day basis, much less prioritize your future goals and needs.

How We Help


At Young + Scrappy, we provide a fresh approach to finance: fiduciary, fee-only advice and financial coaching that helps you get your financial s*** together.



Whether you’ve never touched a budget in your life, or you’re a savvy saver looking to start investing, I can help you:

Explore your emotions and behaviors surrounding money

Overcome negative mindsets and habits about spending

Figure out how much you’re really spending, and where your money goes

Establish your financial priorities and set a plan to reach them

Make a plan to optimize your debt payments

Develop a budgeting system that fits with your personality

Provide ongoing support and accountability on your financial journey

Recommend investments that will fit with your goals and risk tolerance

What I *Don't* Do


I’m a fee-only fiduciary advisor and coach, which means my job is to act in your best interest. That means:

  • I am not a stock broker or insurance salesperson.
  • I do not make any commissions off the recommendation of financial products.
  • I work with an independent team, not some corporate office who incentivizes bad behavior.

In short: I won’t sell you crap you don’t need.


I offer three primary services, geared towards Millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, and LGBT+ clients:

financial planning for millennials

Designed for those who need one-time assistance with getting their finances in order.

financial coaching for millennials

Designed for folks who need ongoing support with goal setting, budgeting, and paying down debt.

portfolio investment management for millennials

Ideal for people who need ongoing portfolio management and investment services.

Interested in learning more? Pumped and ready to get started? Use the handy scheduler below to book your free 15 minute consultation call!


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